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<TidB> vasya could wire a unicycle and a windshield together and put the wolf raccoon on it and it would be a better driver than all poles

<GrampaSwood> sonic the movie: sonic against british fascism

<rse123> If I die b4 a wake
<rse123> bring the lord ma soul to take
<rse123> https://youtu.be/CD-E-LDc384

<TidB> egypt needs to be destroyed
<TidB> please don't take this out of context
<Goodjob> you want to bomb another african country into submission u fucker

<VasyaTheWizard> Osama Bin Laden had a Steam acc too iirc
<VasyaTheWizard> Played Counter Strike
<Goodjob_> they were all gamers
<Goodjob_> oh no

<TidB> <div class="netherlands" state="collapsed">

<GrampaSwood> But VasyaTheWizard, is your bot a guy or a girl
<VasyaTheWizard> idk man
<VasyaTheWizard> it is whatever it wants to be
<GrampaSwood> bro....
<Wookipan> So it's non-binary?

<rse123> I may be paranoid
<rse123> but no android

<TidB> urgh metro has so many wall anuses

<StargazerG> fuck love and fuck pepsi

<TidB> my metaphor is phone = bad
<TidB> book = good
<Goodjob> yeah anus
<TidB> phone = anus?

<TidB> i caught a lot of children during the time where I myself was a child
<Goodjob> no
<v4ssili> tidB NO
<Zeklyn> i bet you did you filthy german
<TidB> You guys never played catch or wot
<Goodjob> catch a predator
<Goodjob> got one here (u tidb)
<Zeklyn> Hello I'm Chris Hansen, please take a seat TidB

<Zeklyn> Ah, so its just hide and seek, but you gotta run after em and catch them
<Zeklyn> e.g just touch them
<TidB> Yes
<TidB> yes you touch the children
<TidB> thanks zeklyn
<v4ssili> nO
<Goodjob> v4ssili: yeah it was great
<Zeklyn> no problem, child catcher tidb
<TidB> np, child toucher zeklyn

<Zeyklno> The bus got usb outputs too
<Goodjob> yikes
<TidB> so you could call it a universal serial bus

<v4ssili> TidB: Father, forgive me, but I must import * from wikitools
<TidB> v4ssili: die

<TidB> vasya's nose is usain bolt

<Zeklyn> I just went to jail for domestic violence, but i get to keep my switch! Epic!

<GrampaSwood> dont touch the page
<GrampaSwood> please
* TidB touches the page
<TidB> nice.
<GrampaSwood> NO
<GrampaSwood> DO NOT
* VasyaTheWizard touches TidB
<TidB> aw yiss
<VasyaTheWizard> nice
<TidB> nice.
<Goodjob> this fucking place i swear man
<TidB> shall i touch you, goodjob
<GrampaSwood> It´s just those 2 disgusting pr¡cks
<Goodjob> dont
<TidB> :(

<Goodjob> vasya, meditate or sleep
<VasyaTheWizard> how
* TidB massages Vasya's head
<Goodjob> tidb what het ufck
<VasyaTheWizard> thanks
<TidB> Goodjob apparently never had a good head massage
<TidB> I feel sorry for you
<GrampaSwood> TidB x VasyaTheWizard
<Goodjob> you guys need to
<Goodjob> swood im gonna say r word
<GrampaSwood> do it
<Goodjob> r e l a x and not be degenerates
<Goodjob> ty

<VasyaTheWizard> that was the spy
<Goodjob> just pick a name will you
<Zeklyn> poor lad
<VasyaTheWizard> see? red
<Goodjob> no
<Goodjob> im blue dabadiba

<TidB> what do you do then
<Goodjob> vibe
<Goodjob> u?
* TidB vibes
<Goodjob> yes...
* TidB vibrates
<Goodjob> nO
<TidB> brrrrrrrr
* VasyaTheWizard attaches sandpaper to TidB
<Goodjob> no no no no no no no no no no
<VasyaTheWizard> there we go, a sanding machine
<TidB> cute!!
<Goodjob> why
* TidB sands Goodjob's guitar
<Goodjob> fUCK OFF

<GrampaSwood> anyways off to shoot some fascists

<TidB> the one i have in mind is this scenery of people sitting in these, uh, 'arenas' looking at the lecturer dissecting a corpse. Was it Rembrandt? Imma try and find it
<Goodjob> yes
<TidB> yo what
<TidB> it actually was rembrandt
<TidB> i dont even know why i connected his name to that
<Goodjob> guess u.......remebrend that

<Zeklyn> send closer pic
<Zeklyn> looks so big
<Zeklyn> dont take that out of context

<VasyaTheWizard> let's see if we still remember this
<VasyaTheWizard> tWO FOUR SIX EIGHT
<Goodjob> fuck off
<Goodjob> sod it
<VasyaTheWizard> finish the chant, zeklyn
<Goodjob> dont you fucking dare
<Zeklyn> GOODJOB
<Goodjob> :|

<Goodjob> castro
<GrampaSwood> played like a damn fidel

<TidB> solitaire end animations are my lifeblood
<UNF404> I can't achieve orgasm unless it's accompanied by those animations

<VasyaTheWizard> or imagine like
<VasyaTheWizard> multiplayer and you kick the ass of that guy shittalking you in vr
<Goodjob> brain interface for ur sick anime dating games to be real vasya :)
<VasyaTheWizard> and he feels every punch and kick
<VasyaTheWizard> or just vr for real dating in quarantine yes))
<Fiat_Seicento> you need controler in mouth for that
<Goodjob> real dating in vr
<Goodjob> vasya nice oxymoron paradox br0

<TidB> programming in lisp feels like walking into 8th grade class because all you see is a ton of braces

<TidB> egirl milk hmm

<TidB> he wasn’t a classic nerdy computer kid in school he was one of the ones to get a girlfriend first and a very social person typical for vasya is that he is very determined ist egal obs jetzt beim kartenspielen ist oder beim tischtennis oder beim computer er gibt nicht auf what he really wants is to win a major it’s his dream and therefore it’s also my dream for him to get that

<VasyaTheWizard> anyone else hate it when companies use your full name in emails and shit, like "Welcome back, ___"
<VasyaTheWizard> this is why i use random names everywhere hnng
<UNF404> "Welcome back, Cock Womble"
<VasyaTheWizard> yeah and then your fake name hits back with "Welcome back, Mike Oxlong"
<UNF404> Dammit vasya you got me thinking of words with cock in them
<TidB> classic vasya
<VasyaTheWizard> so i filled your head with cock
<StargazerG> vasya brings out the cock in all of us
<TidB> staff member of tf wiki btw
<VasyaTheWizard> @_@
<StargazerG> demoted from staff
<StargazerG> reason: cock
<StargazerG> he's too cocky
<UNF404> April 2nd, the day Vasya cocked up #tfwiki
<GrampaSwood> He ygamers
<UNF404> Welcome to the cock zone grampa

<redfruit> when the government collapses and civil society unravels, I am going to seek and destroy all the computers I can

<StargazerG> i was stalking vasya's profile on steam the other day and saw there's a quote of me there
<StargazerG> i have no recollection of ever saying that but i'm honored
<VasyaTheWizard> i'm putting that tf2 pro player pussy quote there too now
<StargazerG> oh god
<VasyaTheWizard> to immortalize it
<StargazerG> that is going to sound awful without any context

<StargazerG> i emailed a photo of my pussy to an underage, that's the kind of behavior you need to become a tf2 pro player isn't it

<StargazerG> licky cap owo
* StargazerG licks Tark
<Tark> no
-- Tark (tark@lagg.me) has left #tfwiki

<GrampaSwood> I still think the US Canada border is ugly af even if it has historical context
<GrampaSwood> Also the state borders are shite
<GrampaSwood> Could´ve at least had someone with parkinson´s draw them

<VasyaTheWizard> what if i started purifying water from the river hm
<VasyaTheWizard> i have coffee filters
<TidB> thats not how it works
<VasyaTheWizard> and some water purifying tablets from MREs
<TidB> okay thats more how it works

<VasyaTheWizard> TidB: I'm doing 'from tkinter import *' and I feel so dirty
<VasyaTheWizard> Is there any salvation for me, father?
<TidB> jesus christ please no

<j_a_n> fucking slovaks
<j_a_n> no subway having asses

<Boba> hey nerds
<Boba> and tark <333
<Goodjob> bad moment boba
<Boba> what!
<Goodjob> vasya and zeklyn are discussing how to control human population
<Boba> oh no
<VasyaTheWizard> Boba: Hey wanna come test out our revolutional suicide booth
<VasyaTheWizard> you kiss an anime girl and fucking die :DDD
<Goodjob> thats not a suicide booth
<Goodjob> it's literally a popsicle of death
<VasyaTheWizard> kiss of death
<VasyaTheWizard> anime kiss of death
<Boba> only will do it if its an anime boy
<Boba> >:(
<VasyaTheWizard> naturally?
<Boba> but im all for a suicide booth
<Boba> count me in
<VasyaTheWizard> yo zeklyn what would happen if i licked 8000 volts :DDD

<VasyaTheWizard> how do i shock myself with the one i linked tho
<VasyaTheWizard> if i can even do it with that hm
<Zeklyn> it doesnt go up to 400kv
<Zeklyn> thats just some faKE news from the chinese
<Zeklyn> all of them do that, lists higher than whats possible
<Zeklyn> you will get 20kv out of it probably
<VasyaTheWizard> how do i s h o c k myself with this toy, daddy?
<VasyaTheWizard> father i want the p a i n
<Zeklyn> a 9v battery will do wonders ))
<Zeklyn> just one cable on each pole on a 9v battery
<Zeklyn> and bam shock you get
<VasyaTheWizard> wait so the thing
<VasyaTheWizard> picrel of the ebay link
<VasyaTheWizard> 9v battery on one end
<VasyaTheWizard> and the other ends go where?
<Zeklyn> https://i.imgur.com/e0eW3nH.png
<VasyaTheWizard> s h o c c
<VasyaTheWizard> skin contact would work?
<VasyaTheWizard> or do i lick em
<Zeklyn> do what you want, but I wouldnt recommend to lick )
<VasyaTheWizard> )))
<VasyaTheWizard> hm what would it do with 5v
<VasyaTheWizard> i have a usb battery bank
<Zeklyn> just less output
<VasyaTheWizard> it's the V that matters here, right?
<Zeklyn> how many mA
<Zeklyn> for the sparks yes
<Zeklyn> but for the big hurt its amper
<Zeklyn> current/amper
<VasyaTheWizard> 5V3A
<VasyaTheWizard> battery bank
<Zeklyn> i wouldnt worry vasya
<Zeklyn> u wont diE

<Spacenet> [RC] L Upload File:Cbt legocity.mp3 by Wealthy Diamond - https://wiki.tf/File:Cbt_legocity.mp3 (07:56:07) [Via Leetle]
<VasyaTheWizard> legocity hmm
<StargazerG> scratch the lego thing i'm interested in knowing what the "cbt" part is about

<senm> i was at my buddy's apartment complex and it had just rained like 5-10 minutes ago
<senm> and there was just an electric keyboard perfectly dry sitting on some cardboard boxes
<senm> plugs and everything
<StargazerG> wtf
<TidB> @_@
<TidB> what the fuck man
<TidB> but you sen and vasya fucking getting fully-fledged gaming PCs and synths out of dumpsters
<StargazerG> i found an opossum in a dumpster once does that count

<Dereko> Can you show me how to change my nickname on IRC?
<GrampaSwood> /nick
<Dereko> I heard you guys play a game recently
-- Dereko is now known as Guest226143
<GrampaSwood> Hey Guest226143 :)
<ManyaKadir> new user?
<Guest226143> Hello, Im neww to the Wiki
<Guest226143> Could you say how to get a wiki cap?
<ManyaKadir> do you have any relatives from the staff?
<Guest226143> No, who are the stuff?
<GrampaSwood> I´m stuff
<Guest226143> How to be your relative?
<GrampaSwood> Be born
<GrampaSwood> but be born in the right way
<Guest226143> So sad I am born in the left
<ManyaKadir> he lost all over

<VasyaTheWizard> anything interesting happen last nite?
<StargazerG> there are almost 8 billion people spread across the entire world and i'm sure something extremely interesting and noteworthy, maybe even once-in-a-lifetime is happening to at least one of them almost every day, but as for who and what it was last night i can't tell you myself because i don't know
<Goodjob> vasyathewizard: screencap this and put it in the next quote you'll save

<Zeklyn> pdf files with included ink smell
<Zeklyn> you can earn millions with this idea vasya

<StargazerG> vasya is like these memes of schizophrenic open source obsessed people but it's even funnier because it's actually, and surprisingly, a real person
<StargazerG> all he's missing to be a living meme is the libertarian brogrammer ideals

<GrampaSwood> there´s gouda or there´s death

<Fiat_Punto> I remember when I was younger
<Fiat_Punto> whan an idiot
<Zeklyn> you're still an idiot dont worry :-)

<Goodjob> zeklyn: arse
<TidB> hey goodjob reveal your fucking face
<StargazerG> arse reveal???
<Goodjob> sure
<Goodjob> let me do a goat
<TidB> jesus christ you guys
<StargazerG> goatse .tf
<Goodjob> oh nonoonno
<Goodjob> nothing, i said nothing

<StargazerG> come on, you should've said so before I started beating up this old lady. I thought this is what I was supposed to do to get the wiki cap
<Goodjob> out of context quote goes into the folder
<StargazerG> yeah as if I wasn't already monopolizing vasya's quote page lately

<TidB> i ordered a digital download of sheet music, 'Estimated to ship May 11, 2020 and estimated to arrive by May 25, 2020'
<Goodjob> they print it
<TidB> onto what
<Goodjob> toilet paper
<TidB> why
<Goodjob> y not
<TidB> toilet paper has more layers than my friendships
<Goodjob> :(
<Zeklyn> they have to print it, scan it and then convert it to pdf tidb
<TidB> i'm a christian i dont want my scripture converted to pdf (never heard of it, some kind of new religion?)
<VasyaTheWizard> yes, tidb, PDF - the new religion of the world
<VasyaTheWizard> hey zeklyn, remember the 'pdf with ink smell' thing?
<Zeklyn> yes
<VasyaTheWizard> bet we could turn that into a religion
<Zeklyn> yes please
<Zeklyn> atheist to pdf converter (no survey) working 2020

<StargazerG> im the kind of person that f1's every votekick without even seeing who it is

<Zeklyn> whisper 200 in my ear baby, I am tired of those 503's

<GrampaSwood> TidB knows all about war crimes
<TidB> yeah i even know about future war crimes
<TidB> how weird is that haha

<Lagg> rse123[m]: NK got some good internet access these days. Also I'm murikan and santa isn't actually murikan
<Lagg> He's a big ol' bearded pagan motherfucker covered in the blood of old things. Murika just doesn't know how to sell coca-cola with this lore

<Zeklyn> i destroyed goodjob in mge ))
<Goodjob> yeah
<Goodjob> come mge again today?
<Zeklyn> sure
<Goodjob> i played jump maps ;-)
<Goodjob> so im gonna rocket jump like a pencil

<Lagg> I would kick you out of the tiny village without your pants and a bucket on your head into the forest and throw pinecones at you when you tried to get at the well

<StargazerG> i'll mantain that "User:Sex criminal" editing "User:DrMarmaladePidgeonShit"'s user page to write "coom" was the peak moment in tfwiki history

<VasyaTheWizard> Tark has returned \:)/
<UNF404> all glory be to tark
<StargazerG> oh no tark is back

<TidB> god at some point i'll just suffocate all scandinavians

<Hisako> wizard you are hot man

<VasyaTheWizard> used to have a canadian penny too but idk where it went
<Zeklyn> where did you leaf it vasya

* AuroraBorreal breaks a bottle on Vassili's head
<AuroraBorreal> damn
<AuroraBorreal> irc is so cool
* AuroraBorreal slaps Vassili with a laptop
* AuroraBorreal inserts a 10mbit isa network card in Vassili
<Vassili> @_@
* AuroraBorreal throws Vassili to a football team
* AuroraBorreal pours a bag of Cheerios into Vassili
<AuroraBorreal> and now its your time
<AuroraBorreal> go go
* Vassili is going downstairs to make tea
<AuroraBorreal> :v

<Zeklyn> you probably wont get any large sparks with this though
<Vassili> this and those black cylinder things shouldn't be enough to kill anyone, right?
<Vassili> i mean if it's powered with a 9v battery lol
<Zeklyn> nah
<Zeklyn> not enough current
<Zeklyn> but I mean, if you stab someone in the eye with a taser they could probably lose it

<TidB> vasya invents automated cutting of wrists

<Goodjob> ah yeah the famous institute of data from arse, very good source

<TidB> Two flies are mating next to me while I‘m eating

<TidB> pretty ambitious for CD Projekt Red to make the whole country of Poland cosplay as Cyberpunk 2077 but without the Cyber
<Goodjob> punk? you wish
<Goodjob> i wish
<TidB> will you become a punk
<Goodjob> idk
<Goodjob> u?.
<TidB> i am a punk :)
<Goodjob> oh yeah, prove it
<TidB> i rebel by pouring money into various overpriced items

<GrampaSwood> hello i am from serbia
<GrampaSwood> death to croatia

<GrampaSwood> Github changed the pfp to be round instead
<GrampaSwood> Idk what that trend is but it´s stupid af
<GrampaSwood> Images are squares, why force me to cut corners

<TidB> okay mr. ass
<Goodjob> proof?
<TidB> like ten messages ago
<Goodjob> that isnt definitive proof
<TidB> if you ate all the ass that you send you wouldn't be a hungry man

<GrampaSwood> Apparently that´s one of the things they do, instead of clapping they just hit their desks with a flat hand
<VasyaTheWizard> isn't clapping on your desk a common thing to do instead of clapping in parliaments?
<GrampaSwood> Idk
<VasyaTheWizard> i have played model UN and we always did that
<Goodjob> in UK's parliament they just scream

<Zeyklno> god I can’t wait til climate change absorbs germany and claims it as its own

<TidB> vasya giving internet survival tips is lowkey wholesome and highkey terrifying

<demonicmaniac1> personally i prefer the older larger bricks especially when they add things like quick charge and those small shits burn my hands
<demonicmaniac1> the old 170w brick of my w510 was also a very good weapon
<demonicmaniac1> if you don't feel like using your thinkpad as a battleaxe the brick did a good job as a club

<Kaezle> Kong King is kinda funny if you can read Chinese lmao
<Kaezle> There's a yellow sign with paw prints on it, so you'll expect it to say 'pet shop' or something along those lines
<Kaezle> But the sign says 狗的家, which actually means 'dog's house'

<Tark> I often clean my desktop by making a folder called "desktop old" and moving everything
<Tark> it has a lot of layers

<VasyaTheWizard> TidB: I unironically dislike dark modes :)
<Goodjob> same
<VasyaTheWizard> they look so.. ugly just
<VasyaTheWizard> i even have discord in light mode on phone (dark on pc is acceptable)
<Goodjob> wait dislike
<Goodjob> I meant light
<Goodjob> like
<Goodjob> fuck

--> BabyMaker600 (82b42186@b2b-130-180-33-134.unitymedia.biz) has joined #tfwiki
<BabyMaker600> hello
<VasyaTheWizard> hi
<Goodjob> ye
<BabyMaker600> where am i?
<VasyaTheWizard> in the purgatory realm
<BabyMaker600> what
<FanCyy> hello BabyMaker600
<BabyMaker600> hello!
<VasyaTheWizard> you've been in a coma for the last 4 years. we've been trying to get this message through to you all the time - please wake up
<BabyMaker600> wht
<Goodjob> you're on a channel for tf2 wiki
<VasyaTheWizard> or as we call it the purgatory realm yeah
<Goodjob> vasya is an estonian, forgive him
<BabyMaker600> yes
<BabyMaker600> no
<BabyMaker600> i stuck in wall
<BabyMaker600> i stuck in coma?
<BabyMaker600> no
<Goodjob> he's just shitposting
<BabyMaker600> my engl
<BabyMaker600> is not that good
<BabyMaker600> really
<BabyMaker600> i woke up
<FanCyy> BabyMaker600 are u a translator?
<BabyMaker600> no
<BabyMaker600> what do ypou mean with that?
<BabyMaker600> translator
<BabyMaker600> i dont use translators
<BabyMaker600> what do you mean?
<FanCyy> what kind of stuff do you usually do on wiki
<BabyMaker600> FanCyy
<BabyMaker600> umm
<BabyMaker600> bye
<FanCyy> bye
<BabyMaker600> hang kids
<-- BabyMaker600 (82b42186@b2b-130-180-33-134.unitymedia.biz) has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
<VasyaTheWizard> the heck lmao
<FanCyy> what the feck was this guy
<Goodjob> guy's a freak

<Fiat_Punto> I use NordVPN to access Audible audio books about tips on RAID: Shadow Legends, which I listen to with my Raycon True Wireless Earbuds. I then grab out my credit card from my Ridge Wallet to purchase a shaving kit from Dollar Shave Club, so I can look fresh on TikTok.

* GrampaSwood changed nick to Haube.
<Haube> I turned my self into a pickle
<Haube> I´m Picklehaube
* Haube changed nick to GrampaSwood.
<GrampaSwood> That is the funniest joke you have ever seen
<GrampaSwood> Is no one responding because everyone is laughing their ass off?
<Ashes_> i have no words
<GrampaSwood> I think the word you are looking for is ¨hahahahahahaha¨
<VasyaTheWizard> my amusement can not be put into words
<Goodjob> hey vasya include me in the best of

<Goodjob> yeah big condor pen15 productions vasya

<Goodjob> the fall of man
<Goodjob> the rise of cum

<TidB> i'm helium and my pronouns are he/he

<Boba[m]> using irc for dating in 2020 is fucking based

<smol_data> I can share your concern, Grampa, seeing as taking out a few cubic meters of sand from your beaches reduces the Netherlands' land area by 25%
<Goodjob> pepelaugh
<GrampaSwood> :|

<TidB> i hope you skip through life like you skip through songs you prick

<Wookipan> rjackson: DROP tfwiki_db
<rjackson> ok one sec

<rjackson> oh motherfuck whats the root password
<Goodjob> minionlover69

<TidB> neoclassical burrito

<Goodjob> hesus
<TidB> shesus
<Goodjob> what have you done
<TidB> wdym
<Goodjob> you cant do that to jesus
<TidB> trans jesus
<Goodjob> rip church

<GrampaSwood> vasya why must you come here
<GrampaSwood> and talk about ass

<TidB> what do you define as 'ass'
<Goodjob> the cover around arsehol
<TidB> How far does this cover extend
<VasyaTheWizard> big yikes
<Goodjob> idk lol
<TidB> Because in your case, it extends over the whole body, because you're an ass

<Fiat_Punto> Im a car dumbos
<Fiat_Punto> >_<
<Goodjob> you are delusional

<GrampaSwood> Ye it´s like I mentioned it´s a war-themed play
<GrampaSwood> It´s actually very cool play because they actually use guns
<GrampaSwood> very dedicated actors to just die for the play

<GrampaSwood> ming dynasty pussy got me acting unwise

<VasyaTheWizard> what made you love war so much
<Goodjob> war is natural, conflict always happend....and i love nature....

<Zeklyn> I am sniffing in so much concrete that I dont need to eat lunch anymore. I get all of my calories from the tasty ceiling of a 20 year old office building

<TidB> when you send a mail to a german person it's automatically sent into the past